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Nepal Won 11 gold in 2nd Indo&

Nepal Won 11 gold in 2nd Indo–Nepal Friendship ITF Taekwondo Championship

Taekwondo ITF Nepal organized 2 nd Indo-Nepal Friendship ITF Taekwondo Championship successfully on 9 th July, 2007 at Red Cross Building in Budol Kavre.

Among 99 participents, 79 participants from Nepal and 20 participants from India . Took participants in total events.

Apart which, Nepal won 11 gold, 11 Silver and 15 Bronze. India Won 1 gold, 1 Silver and 6 Bronze.

Mr. Laxman Basnet, Founder President and Chief Instructor of Taekwondo (ITF) Nepal and Vice president Mr. Binod Malla along with others Guest awarded Medals to the winners and gave their speech for the development of ITF in Nepal .

And in the mean time Mr Basnet announced Upcoming Events that Taekwondo ITF Nepal going to organize 3 rd ITF Training Camp Nepal, that will be commenced from 4th -6 th October, 2007, and 1 st Mt. Everest Open ITF Taekwondo Championship on 7 th Octuber, 2007

Winer's Name and place

Male, 20-25 kg

Rajan Bhattrai (Ktm, Nepal) Gold
Kiran Adhikari (Ktm, Nepal) Silver
Utsab Thapa (Kavre, Nepal) Bronze
Deepak Bhattrai (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze

Male , 25-30Kg

Subin Awal (Thimi, Nepal) Gold

Pawan Shrestha (Kavre, Nepal) Silver

Prajwol Sen Thakuri (Kavre, Nepal) Brinze

Bijaya Thapa (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze

Male 30-35kg

Rahul Sewa (Ktm, Nepal) Gold
Ashish Thapa (Ktm, Nepal) Silver
Sunil Gurung (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze
Anil Shrestha (Kavre, Nepal) Bronze

Male, 35-40Kg

Subash Bhatt ( Nepal ) Gold

Ghana Shyam Acharya (Kavre, Nepal) Silver

Jasdeep Sing (India) Bronze

Kanwal Narender Sing (India) Bronze

Male, 40-45Kg

Kapil Shahi (Ktm, Nepal) Gold

Dinesh Rawot (Humla, Nepal) Silver

Krishan Hari Bista (Kavre, Nepal) Bronze

Harmanjeet Sing Gill (India) Bronze

Male, 45-50Kg

Gayaji Khadka (Kavre, Nepal) Gold

Raghu Nath Basnet (Kavre, Nepal) Silver

Bikram Khadgi (Thimi, Nepal) Bronze

Himal Lama (Humla, Nepal) Bronze

Male , 50-55Kg

Suman Timilsia (Ktm, Nepal) Gold

Kuseshawar Yadav (Shiraha, Nepal) Silver

Savneetinder Sing Dhaliwal (India) Bronze

Mandeep Sing (India) Bronze

Male , 55-60Kg

Suresh Pariyar (Humla, Nepal) Gold

Lok Bahadur Chaudhari (Nawolparasi Nepal) Silver

Munish Wadhwa (India) Bronze 

Male, 75Kg Over

Ramchandra Khika Khadka (Kavre, Nepal) Gold

Prabhjot Sing Brar (India) Silver

Female , 25-30Kg

Shawanpreet Kaur (India) Gold

Rabina Mainali (Thimi, Nepal) Silver

Alisha Mainali (Kavre, Nepal) Bronze

Kripa Adhikari (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze 

Female , 30-35Kg

Sajina Simkhada (Ktm, Nepal) Gold

Sujata K.C. (Ktm, Nepal) Silver

Bisnu Bhattarai (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze

Sabina Simkhada (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze 

Female , 45-50Kg

Rina Chakradhar (Thimi, Nepal) Gold

Sujana Aduwa (Thimi, Nepal ) Silver

Lila Gurung (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze

Smita D.C. (Ktm, Nepal) Bronze

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