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Nepal Won Bronze Medal in ITF

Nepal Won Bronze Medal in ITF World Championship, UK

The 9th junior world and 14th senior world Taekwondo (ITF) championship have held successfully in Birmingham, UK on 1st-6th August, 2007. The 6 Players were participated from Nepal in that Mega Events. The Nepali Player Master Rastra Rai succeeded to win Bronze Medal in ITF Veteran World Championship. He bit his fight to UK player and lost with Ireland player in Semifinal Round. The Master Rai is operating Sagarmatha Taekwondo Club in UK as a Chairman and Ex-Gurkha British Army as well.

Mr. Gayaji Khadka lost his fight to Japan Player in Micro weight, where as Mr Laxman Basnet and Mr. Lil Roka lost there fights with Ukrainian and Russian player in Quarterfinal Round in Light weight .Mr. Nir Khedem and Mr. Raju Sunuwar lost their fights with Ukrainian and Netherlands. Mr. Roka, Khedem and Sunuwar are the British Gurkha Army.

More than 7 hundred players from different 42 countries were participated in those events. The Argentina got the country overall in those events.

Mr. Laxman Basnet (International A class Umpire) also participated as an Umpire in the 9th Junior World Championship. Mr. Basnet participated in the ITF Congress as well. The Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa (Sun of Taekwondo Founder Choi) as nominated as the President by ITF Congress for the second time.

The ITF Congress informed that "Taekwondo Festival" is going to organize in South Korea on 2008 and the next world Championship will be held in Canada on 2010 A.D.

The Sagarmatha Taekwondo Club UK gave the grand welcome party on 8th August, to the 6 Nepali players. The Mr. Basnet and Master Rai have the discussion between two organization about the co-operation of future's Taekwondo activities.
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