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Nepal Stood the First position with 49 medals

Taekwondo ITF Nepal organized First Everest Open Invitational Taekwondo Championship and 3rd ITF Training Camp successfully at Mirabel Resort Hotel Dhulikhel Kavre on 19th-22nd December 2007. Both Events was formally inaugurated by Chief District Officer Mr. Kabiraj Khanal in the opening ceremony.

There was total of 110 Participants from different country i.e. Nepal , India and England with a break down of 80 Male and 30 Female participated in the both events.

The Camp was conducted by Master Rastra Rai and Mr. Laxman Basnet on 19th - 20th December. Where Master Rai Imparted technical idea of Kicking and Self Defense, Mr Basnet Imparted Technical Idea of ITF Pattern, ITF Sparing techniques And Hrishi Kumar Panchasil Chairman of Hansada Yoga Ashram imparted teaching of Yoga to the player has a greater significant.

Same participants from same country competing in 15 different weight Categories of 1st Everest Open Invitational TKD Championship on 21st-22nd, December, 2007.

Nepal Stood the First position with 49 medals including 13 gold, 13 silver and 23 bronze medals. Where as England players own 2 gold and Indian players won 1 silver and 5 bronze Medals in this competition.

From male side Rojan Rimal and Kripa Adhikari in female side become the Best Player from Nepal . Kuseshower Yadav was the mounting player and Kiran Adhikari declared as the Best Fighter.

At the end of final game the Ex. Education and Sports asst. Minister N. P Shaud, Master Rastra Rai, Chairman of Taekwondo ITF Nepal Mr. Laxman Basnet, Vice Chairman Mr. Dinesh Kumar Karki and General Manager of Mirabel Resort Mr. Pawan Karna distributes medal to the winner.

In That occasion of Taekwondo ITF Nepal Appointed as an Adviser to Master Rastra Rai and in the mean time Taekwondo ITF Nepal appointed to as an Honoree Member to Mr. Surath Bdr. Thapa.

Cash Prize sponsor by Master Rai and Cap sponsor by Sadis Karki distributed to best players in that competition.

In the closing ceremony the chief Guest Ex. Education and sports Asst. Minister N.P Shaud, Chairperson of Taekwondo ITF Nepal Mr. Basnet and Secretary Mr. Rajan Khatri gave speech about Taekwondo development.

Gurmith Singh (Indian TKD Board, India) Bronze

Ganesh Bdr. Thapa (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Female 20-25KG

Apeksha Khadka (TKD ITF Nepal) Gold

Nancy Lama (TKD ITF Nepal) Silver

Suyesha Adhikari (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Amira Kaderiya (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Female 25-30KG

Kripa Adhikari (TKD ITF Nepal) Gold

Rabina Mainali (TKD ITF Nepal) Silver

Roji Shrestha (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Harman Deep Kunwar (Indian TKD Board, India) Bronze

Female 30-35KG

Alisha Mainali (TKD ITF Nepal) Gold

Ashma Lama (TKD ITF Nepal) Silver

Kapindar Kunwar (Indian TKD Board, India) Bronze

Gyanu Maharjan (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Female 35-40KG

Sajina Singhkhada (TKD ITF Nepal) Gold

Sawan Preet Kunwar (Indian TKD Board, India) Silver

Uma Budhathoki (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Shreejana Lama (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Female 45-50KG

Pema Sherpa (TKD ITF Nepal) Gold

Manju Rai (TKD ITF Nepal) Silver

Gyanu Lama (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

Maya Thapa (TKD ITF Nepal) Bronze

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