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Mr. Basnet returned from Taekwondo Festival, Korea

Chairman and chief instructor of Taekwon-do ITF Nepal Mr. Laxman Basnet attended the 10th Taekwon-do festival and Korea Classic Open 2008 organized in Chung Cheong University in South Korea on 1st-6th July 2008 as a referee.

The Taekwon-do festival was jointly organized for the first time in South Korea by the special efforts of Chairman of World Taekwon-do Federation (WTF) Mr. Jong Won and Grand Master Choe Jong Hawa, son of chairman of ITF and founder of Taekwon-do Late General Choe.

More than three thousand players and officials from 53 countries attended the ceremony with the slogan "we are one". International A level referee Mr. Laxman Basnet said, "The opportunity to be referee in such a prestigious game is not only my pride but also it's the pride of nation." He also organized the premiere show of Nepali adventurous movie "Yeti ko Khoji ma (In Search of Yeti)" made in the assistance of Taekwon-do ITF Nepal in Aansan city of Korea. Mr. Basnet involved as main actor and producer of the movie.
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