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Master Michael Muleta Seminar

Master Michael Muleta Seminar & 1st Colour Belt Open Championships 2020

Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal organized a 2-day sparring /self-defense seminar followed by the 1st color belt open Taekwon-Do Championship between 7-9th Feb 2020.
ITF under General Secretary, Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree from Australia, led the seminar and was assisted by the organizer, Mr. Laxman Basnet, President of Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal.
Just on 160 people attended Day 1 of the seminar, being a working day in Nepal, which focused on sparring techniques and ITF patterns. The students worked hard for 6 hours, with only a 30-minute lunch break, benefiting from the close attention and detail covered by Master Muleta.

On Day 2 the seminar focused on self-defense for almost 200 people in attendance for the whole day. Students were put through many techniques to combat against an assailant, from various grabs, holds, strikes, throws and locks. The seminar was very good and Master Muleta displayed his teaching and class management skills, where he managed to work with every single attendee during the day.

All the students enjoyed the intensive training and learned some new skills and applications from the very popular Senior Master, who was returning to Nepal after coming in 2015 to conduct seminars as part of the Nepal earthquake relief.

We would highly recommend to any country to have Master Muleta come and conduct this seminar.

On Day 3 it was competition time; with around 200 students participating from 23 different districts in the 1st color belt open Taekwon-Do Championship.

The event was a huge success, where Master Muleta kicked off proceedings with the official opening ceremony and remained to observe the championships and engage with all the competitors, special guests, media and officials.

There were 35 different categories in the Individual Sparring and individual pattern events. The standard was very good for colour belts and Master Muleta noted a significant improvement since his 2015 visit, giving full credit to Mr Laxman’s hard work and drive in building ITF Nepal.

Many special guests were in attendance including the Chief Guest, the Honorable Ganesh Prasad Timalsina, Chairman of the National Assembly of Nepal, along with special guest Master Muleta and Arie Hoogandooran from Netherlands. Also in attendance was Guest Honorary Member Nepal Olympic committee and President of the Sports for All commission, Mr.Bishnu Gopal Shrestha, Adviser of Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal and Famous Nepal identity, Ang Temba Sherpa . Turkish Airlines country Manager, Mr. Abdullaha gave out three gift hampers to three gold medalists.

Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal was honored to present Chief Guest to Master Muleta and Mr. Arie with a framed letter of appreciation, for their contribution in promoting Taekwon-Do in Nepal.

President Laxman Basnet gave a Token of Love to our chief guest and other special guests and he informed the audience about what Taekwon-Do ITF Nepal did in the past and what doing in the near future.

Mr Basnet announced that ITF Nepal will be organizing a Technical and Umpire workshop conducted by ITF Vice President Grand Master Nicholls and Master Yogi Chand in conjunction with the 4th Everest Open Taekwon-Do Championship on September 18-20, 2020 in Nepal to promote Taekwon-Do and promote tourism to Nepal during visit Nepal 2020.
Chief Guest and other guests gave speeches to motivate and encourage organizers and participants to make an even more successful event in September 2020.
Master Muleta said Thank you to Mr. Laxman Basnet and his working party on organizing and hosting such a great and memorable event.

Special thanks to Master Muleta in taking time from his hectic schedule in the lead up to the Arnold Classic Taekwon-Do World Championships, to selflessly share his expertise and genuine love for Taekwon-Do ITF to our leaders and members.

Written by: Taekwondo ITF Nepal

Medal winners

Individual Patten
Pattern12 years below boys 9th Gup
Gold: Pratik Rai (khotang)
Silver: Prashant Rai (khotang)
Bronze: Jemson Rai (khotang)
Bronze: Namchhihang Rai (khotang)

Pattern below 12 years boys 8th Gup
Gold: Ishwor Thapa Magar (Kathmandu)
Silver: Anmol Magar (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Samir Bajracharya (Lalitpur)
Bronze: Sushil Shrestha ( okhaldhunga)

Pattern below 12 years boys 7th -6th Gup
Gold: Resham B.K (Taplejung)
Silver: Raju Bhujel (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Sovit Tamang (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Avinandan Nepal (Kathmandu)

Pattern below 12 years boys 5th Gup
Gold: Arjun Tamang(Ramechhap)
Silver: Aayush Lama (Sindhuli)
Bronze: Rahis Timalsina(Lalitpur)
Bronze: Suson Blon(himal school)

Pattern below 12 years boys’ 4th- 3rd Gup
Gold: Prashant Tamang (Ramechhap)
Silver: Sanjaya Lama (Kavre)
Bronze: Binish Thing (himal School)
Bronze: Amrit Tamang(Kavre)

13 years and above Boys 7th -6th Gup
Gold: Dinesh tamang (Kavre)
Silver: Arjun Mohara (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Shisir lama (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Rajkumar Tamang (Kathmandu)

13years and above boys 3rd Gup
Gold: Ragiv Khyaju (bhaktapur)
Silver: Binod B.K (bhaktapur)
Bronze: Roshan Tamang (bhaktapur)
Bronze: Sanjib Tamang (bhaktapur)

Pattern13 years and above boys 1st Gup
Gold: Manil Shrestha (Kavre)
Silver: Shanta Kumar Rana Magar (Lalitpur)
Bronze: Sudil Thuyaju (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Kunsang Tamang(Kavre)

Pattern 13 years and above boys 5th -4th Gup
Gold: Manjaya Laman (Kavre)
Silver: Milan Tamang (bhaktapur)
Bronze: Pujan Bista (Kavre)
Bronze: Om Gole (bhaktapur)

Pattern below 12 years girls 9th -8th Gup
Gold: Dipika Rai (khotang)
Silver: Susmita Budha (rolpa)
Bronze: Barsha Dhungel (bhaktapur)
Bronze: Sadhikshya Budha (dolpa)

Pattern below 12 years girls 7th -8th Gup
Gold: Yunisha Tamang (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Smriti Bastola(bhaktapur)

Pattern below 12 years girls 5th -4th Gup
Gold: Reshma lungeli (Kavre)
Silver: Dipika Pulami Magar (Kavre)
Bronze: Salina Khatri (okhaldhunga)

Pattern13 years and above girls 7th -6th Gup
Gold: Sima Limbu(taplejung)
Silver: Samira Bastola(Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Sanju Khadka (Sindhupalchok)

Pattern13years and above girls 5th -4th Gup
Gold: Kritika Chaulagain (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Shradha Shrestha(Kathmandu)
Bronze: Anisha Chemjong(Kavre)

Pattern13years and above girls 3rd-1st Gup
Gold: Surakshya Thapa (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Purnima Karki (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Swikriti Bastola(Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Janaki Shrestha (Ramechhap)

Individual Sparring
12 Years & Below Boys below 20kg
Gold: Prashant Rai (Khotang)
Silver: Ronish Khatri (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Arbi Magar (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Nobel Singh (Bhaktapur)

12 Years and Below Boys 20-25kg
Gold: Aryan Gautam (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Sakshem Basnet (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Sanjog Shrestha (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Dibiyan Thapa (Kathmandu)

12 Years and Below Boys 25-30kg
Gold: Sanjaya Blon (Kavre)
Silver: Jayaram Bc (Rolpa)
Bronze: Susan Blon(himal school)
Bronze: Aayush Lama (Bhaktapur)

12 Years and Below Boys 30-35kg
Gold: Prashant Tamang (Ramechhap)
Silver: Aayush Tamang (lalitpur)
Bronze: Binish Thing (lalitpur)
Bronze: Arjun Tamang (Kavre)

12 Years and Below Boys 35-40kg
Gold: Praful Tyata(Bhaktapur)
Silver: Ishan Ghale (Lalitpur)
Bronze: Romeo Thapa (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Dipesh Bhattari (Sindhupalchok)

12 Years and Below Boys 40-45kg
Gold: Bikram Shrestha (Okhaldhunga)
Silver: Pujan Dhukuchhu (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Aakash Jirel (Sindhupalchok)
Bronze: Bhupen Raj Lamichhane (Bhaktapur)

12Years and Below Girls 20-25kg
Gold: Reshma Lungeli (Kavre)
Silver: Yunisha Tamang ( Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Smriti Bastola (Bhaktapur)

12Years and Below Girls 35-40kg
Gold: Dipika Pulami Magar (Kavre)
Silver: Deepika Rai (Khotang)
Bronze: Asmita Syangtan (Sinduli)
Bronze: Mallika Darji (Kavre)

13 Years and above Boys 30-35kg
Gold: Sudan Tamang (Sindhupalchok)
Silver: Rupesh Kumar Mandal (Siraha)
Bronze: Dinesh Tamang (Kavre)
Bronze:Bikesh Shrestha (Ramechhap)

13 Years and above Boys 35-40kg
Gold: Sudil Thuyaju (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Ramit Tamang(Kavre)
Bronze: Kunsang Tamang (Kavre)
Bronze: Sushil Shaha (Ramechhap)

13 Years and above Boys 40-45kg
Gold: Aashish Thapa (Kavre)
Silver: Manish Tamang (Kavre)
Bronze: Sagar Theeng (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Roshan Ramang (Bhaktapur)

13 Years and above Boys 45-50kg
Gold: Sarad Shrestha (Ramechhap)
Silver: Amrit Majhi (Sindhupalchowk)
Bronze: Suraj Karki (Kavre)
Bronze: Manil Shrestha (Kavre)

13 Years and above Boys 50-55kg
Gold: Raj Kumar Tamang (Kavre)
Silver: Ber Bahadur Tamang (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Shishir Lama(Kavre)
Bronze: Rajkumar Tamang ( Bhaktapur)

13 Years and above Boys 55-60kg
Gold: Aayush Gatraj (Kathmandu)
Silver: Sumeet Byanju (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Shanta Kumar Rana Magar
Bronze: Bikash Shrestha (Kathamndu)

13 Years and above Boys Over 60kg
Gold: Bikash Tamang (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Sameer Ranjitkar (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Sandeep Patel (rautahat)
Bronze: Utshab Kumar Giri (solukhumbu)

13 Years and above girls 30-40kg
Gold: Sumitra Tamang (Kavre)
Silver: Susmita Tamang (Kavre)
Bronze: Alisha Tamang (Kavre)

13 Years and above girls 40-45kg
Gold: Surakshya Thapa (Bhaktapur)
Silver: Swikriti Bastola (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Janaki Shrestha(Ramechhap)
Bronze: Jashika Rasaili(Kavre)

13 Years and above girls 45-50kg
Gold: Anisha Chemjong (Kavre)
Silver: Kritika Chaulagain (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Sima Limbu (taplejung)
Bronze: Samira Limbu ( Bhaktapur)

13 Years and above girls 50-65kg
Gold: Salina Lama (Kavre)
Silver: Purnima Karki (Bhaktapur)
Bronze: Shrada Shrestha (Kathmandu)
Bronze: Amira Magar (Bhaktapur)

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